Ruby on Rails Product Development

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and how we run projects with our clients.

What we do

  • We build Web apps looking good on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

  • We design and build new systems from scratch, based on your idea, made concrete as a collection of user stories.

  • We bring stalled software projects up to date regarding framework and language versions, as well as tools and external dependencies it is bound with.

  • We find cost-effective hosting options and set up deployment processes, including back up of your database and user-uploaded content.

  • We connect applications to any number of external systems through their APIs.

  • That includes setting up integration with payment providers. You need a way to get money from your clients, we know how to make the process swift and secure.

  • We design and deliver scalable applications for handling large traffic in a pinch, if your idea becomes viral. It did happen to some of our clients’ apps in the past, we know what to do if that time comes.

The stack

  • Ruby on Rails web framework

  • Sidekiq for processing background jobs

  • EmberJS - for building Single Page Applications

  • PostgreSQL - our old favourite - capable and scalable

  • Redis - for caching and storing the background job queue, among other uses

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